Welcome to the Multiverse Mall

A Web3 user supported community mall inside the Metaverse. Supporting big brand names to IRL Mom & Pop shops.  Helping businesses and brands with tools to easily understand, adapt and evolve into Web3.

The world has been taking notice of Virtual Reality and its endless possibilities. It is a 3 dimensional, immersive, virtual successor to the internet that we experience today. Just like the internet brought about a new era of interaction when computers and connectivity were made public and it gave rise to a new digital businesses,  the Metaverse will take us into the next stage of human interaction unlocking opportunity for any kind of business looking to evolve and expand into Web3.


"Web3 in a box"

Each package provides an option for you to instantly jump into Web3 with a Metaverse presence across a variety of Metaverse platforms; Infiniverse (meta),  Spatial and/or Altspace. Inside each  package,  a unique web3 presence inside an already high populated web3  community to instantly start marketing and showcasing your brand in your very own virtual customized 4D enviroments. Location, location, location still rings true inside of web 3 and providing you desirable real estate inside the heart of the Metaverse Music District and the first ever Multiverse Mall you gain access and a head-start to to successfully promoting your music and/or brand inside of web3.

 Each package provides customer access and Web3 presence across different Metaverses.   Each livestream, meet-up or event will never be the same for you and your customers. Providing you and your business an extended Metaverse experience to create a deeper connections and meaningful virtual relationships with customers and fans from around the world; inside a high traffic and fastest growing music community in web3.  Which package is right for you? For further assistance mailto:multiversemall.nft @ud.me


CLICK IMAGE & Stay Positive! ❤️

CLICK IMAGE & Stay Positive! ❤️

Spatial storefront Template options

Example Enviroments