How to login to Altspace

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Take a breath and relax... this is all new for everyone and we understand how frustrating this can be. We are here to help you so Stay Positive! No Oculus, not to worry! If you don't have an Oculus you're able to download AltspaceVR application onto your laptop and access the world right on your laptop. Although, your experience will still be "FLAT" ( viewing on your laptop) and not  SPATIAL ( 4D) you will still  be able to interact with this amazing community of artists and fans in our community. You can download the app for your laptop here: .....Once that is complete, please follow the step 2  below to create an account by clicking the link below. After that, you will be able to login into Altspace.  There is a quick video below  to show you where to enter your CODE  once the application is launched on your computer.  Again,  this takes time and patience is key to being successful in this very fast moving Web3 space. We Got you! LEZZZZZZ GO! #StayPositive

Step 1. Read Beginners Guide

Step 2: Create an account  ( Click here)

Step 3. Login to Altspace

**Step 4: (For Private Events Only) Enter Code for that event found on ( video below). Not ALL Events need a code.

Step 5: Join Music District Newsletter  and follow us on Facebook

This is an amazing network of artists, producers, world designers, record label executives, Entrepreneurs from all  over the world. Come for the music but stay for the community. Have fun & Stay Positive!

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Once you have created an Altspace account....