About Us

"The Most Musical Place in the Metaverse"

Welcome to The Music District. Headquarters located on Beastie's Boy Ave and ONYX inside the Multiverse.

The Music DistrictTM is the very first w3b3 music Metaverse community and entry point for artists, fans and brands. Empowering all to enter a spatial, 4D customized virtual world (aka metaverse) and establish deeper connections with customers & fans. Once inside immerse your avatar into an augmented reality, discover a metaverse built to showcase livestream events, initiate collaboration and education among our W3b3 community. The Music DistrictTM has a reach with unlimited potential, to extend infinitely with each new artist, fan and brand added to our network. We are a coalition of positive vibes and w3b3 pioneers. A community building upon each others success and reach that is measured by the support we show each other.

The Music DistrictTM in partnership with Web3 music creators, have created the first Metaverse Music Network (MMN). A network linking and aggregating music themed worlds/spaces/ metaverses across platforms ( e.g., Multiiverse, Spatial, Decentraland, AltSpace). The MMN extends the reach beyond a singular platform by connecting & weaving partner metaverses with a universal livestream link. The MMN established a global connection among fans and users resulting in new opportunities across our W3b3 community. In March 2022, we became the very first Metaverse Music Residency inside the Facebook Multiverse.

Mentions & PRESS

Multiverse Music Residency

The first online platform for subway music

The first online platform for subway music